We are delighted to have won the following awards:

Newcastle Borough Council's Business Boost Award for Impact on the Borough 2012
- Environment, Social and Economic Category

Here at Park Hill Farm we work tirelessly to ensure that we are environmentally responsible whilst also promoting the biodiversity of local Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) The Burntwood and it's great to be recognised for all our hard work!

RSPB Nature of Farming Award
Highly Commended 2012

Bruce Fowkes RSPB Farmland Advisor commended Park Hill Farm saying:

"Park Hill Farm ; as a Highly Commended farm demonstrates how a successful commercial farm can also benefit wildlife; regardless of a farm size; farming system or location. We thank them for giving our countryside a future."

NATIONAL Countryside Alliance Award for Enterprise Champions 2011

Our most prestigious award to date! We are so proud of this nationally recognised award!
Countryside Alliance Chairman Kate Hoey MP said of Park Hill Farm:

“Here is a working family farm which continues to use traditional methods for the production of fabulous meat, all of which comes from native breeds. However, this worthy enterprise champion is so, so much more than a farm. Regular free-of-charge open days concentrate on re-connecting the next generation with where food comes from and how farming works in a fun and accessible way. Visitors can meet Spotty the cow, Ham the pig, Hermes the Heavy Horse and take tractor and trailer rides, try pond dipping and enjoy a barbeque with local produce. One nomination declared that the team “reaches out to us townies” and it is to the family’s immense credit that they have put their hearts and souls into promoting farming in an accessible way for all; this is something the Countryside Alliance is passionate about. It’s enterprises like this one that make you feel optimistic about the future of food and farming. Congratulations Pat and John Pimlott of Park Hill Farm, at Hales in Shropshire.”