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Items for sale




For Sale

For Sale, September 2013.         8 month old, registered, pedigree gilts and boars

For Sale, September 2013

8 Month old, pedigree, registered Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, ready for breeding.

Also a litter born in June 2013.


Throughout the year our farm in Shropshire has pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black piglets and weaners for sale, as well as non-pedigree piglets and weaners.  All our piglets are home bred, are weaned at 8 weeks old and can be seen by appointment.

Each autumn we have Hereford and South Devon crossbred weanlings for sale. These are usually over 5 months of age when sold and of high health status, being certified free of BVD, Johnes Disease and Leptospirosis.



Bedding and feed

If you keep pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets we can supply hay and straw in small quantities for your hutch. Or for horses and ponies we can also stock you with larger quantities.

All enquiries by e-mail to beef @