Working farm

This idyllic setting near Market Drayton on the Staffordshire / Shropshire border is home to us – the Pimlott family – Pat, John and our daughter, Amelia. 

Park Hill is a working farm, farming every day of the year. Our agricultural past goes back a long way ensuring that you are in safe hands! The lush green grazing pastures are ideal for rearing our free range South Devon Cattle for beef and our rare Oxford Sandy and Black pigs for bacon, gammon, sausage and pork. 

Combining our love and respect for tradition with the advancements of modern times we can ensure that our livestock are raised stress free and with the highest standard of animal welfare. Hay is harvested seasonally, hedges are allowed to grow tall to support local wildlife and all the Park Hill animals have names. Bringing all of these aspects togther we can produce some of the best beef, pork, sausages and bacon for sale in Shropshire and Staffordshire sold direct from our on-site farm shop. 

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