Farm shop

Our traditional farm shop near Market Drayton has always moved with the times, selling free-range beef, pork, sausages, gammon and bacon direct to the public from the farm.

The farm shop at Park Hill Farm only sells beef and pork that has been born and bred at Park Hill, and this unique approach ensures we know exactly what we sell. Our secret? Healthy animals.

High quality beef

Our free range South Devon cattle love the way we farm – they grow steadily on grass in the summer and all that lying down they do marbles the meat ensuring that your cooking is moist and tender.

You can buy our free range beef from our onsite farm shop between the hours of 10am and 6pm (although we always advise ringing ahead just to check we’re not out at an event – call us on 07450 358 812). Or ask for our FREE home delivery service. Better still, why not collect from one of our many Farmers Markets and grab one of our delicious bacon sandwiches whilst you’re there! 

We sell all beef items; steaks, mince, joints and burgers all packaged and sealed individually OR made to order, fresh or frozen. If you are looking for freezer stock specifically we do specially priced freezer packs that are discounted by 17%. 

Sausages straight from the farm

Our gorgeous Sandy & Black pigs are quite rare, lovely to look at and have an outstanding flavour! They live outside on our farm in Shropshire all year round and supply our farm shop with that old-fashioned moist pork that crackles as it cooks. Most of our cuts sell out each month and that’s due to their succulence and amazing taste! We sell our pork products as pork chops, joints, gammon, bacon and sausages. We even do half pigs cut to your individual specifications. All our pork is individually packaged and we can even make our bacon and sausages gluten free!

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