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Farmers’ Markets

We sell these at a wide range of local events in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire.

Whether you are looking for grass fed beef and heritage pork for tonight’s tea, or a quick lunch on the go, we are the stall to visit.  We personally cook and serve our free range burgers, sausages and bacon in beautiful soft bread so you get great tasting meat, straight from the farm, cooked to perfection so you don’t lose any of that fabulous taste or texture.  Perfect comfort food straight from the farm!

We feature regularly at Stone Farmers market:

  • Stone Farmers’ Market (1st Saturday of each month)
Why not pop along, say ‘hi!’ and try one of our fantastic burgers or hot dogs, and of course add some lovely grass fed steaks to your shopping basket for tea!
You can always collect your pre-ordered meat / meatboxes from Stone Farmers Market as well if you’d prefer.  Don’t forget to order online or call ahead (Tel 0745 0358 812) and we’ll have it ready and waiting for you.


We love hearing from our customers, so thank you for getting in touch about an order.

We spend  a lot of time looking after our wonderful animals, but we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can.

Pat and John Pimlott