High Quality, outdoor reared, grass fed, free range pork and beef direct from our farm to your door.

Take the hassle out of shopping, and the uncertainty out of meal time satisfaction.

If you like to know exactly where your meat has come from and that each and every animal has been treated with the upmost care, we can offer you some of the best tasting Beef and Pork in the area.

Complete traceability – we only sell Pork and Beef from our own farm that has been born and bred here.

If you love the meat we sell, why not get a box of fresh meat delivered every month? You can choose from five great value boxes, all of which contain the high quality meat you would expect and we’ll deliver it direct to you, at home or work.

Images are representative of the meat you will receive, not the actual cuts of meat.

Family Shopper 10kg meatbox

4kg top side joints, 2kg mince, 2kg braising steak, 2kg stewing steak.


Quick and Sumptuous 10kg meatbox

500g fillet steak, 1.5kg rump steak, 2kg sirloin steak, 4kg mince, 2kg shin Bbeef


Barbecue / Breakfast Box 4kg meatbox

1kg pork sausages, 1kg back bacon, 6 eggs, 1kg minute steak, 1kg x 1/4lb beef burgers*.


* Please note that the burgers in the Barbecue / Breakfast meatbox are frozen

Family Shopper 5kg meatbox

2kg top side joints, 1kg mince, 1kg braising steak, 1kg stewing steak


Quick and Sumptuous 5kg meatbox

1kg rump steak, 1kg sirloin steak, 2kg mince, 1kg shin beef


Don’t see the perfect box? Don’t worry: bespoke boxes are available. Please email detailing what you would like and we’ll get back to you with the costs.

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