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Dear Friends of Park Hill Farm

We are looking for expressions of interest in buying 8kg of sausages, packed in 2kg trays at £5.00 per kg.  This is approximately 190 sausages, at 22 p each.   They will be fresh so you can re-pack them into smaller amounts if you prefer.   If you live within 30 miles, we will group deliveries together to do free delivery on one day in February.  This is a “bulk” offer only.

I can hear you all wondering why?  Long story short, is that one of our sows, has been gracefully munching away for nearly a year now, and has produced no piglets. We changed the boar, but still no piglets.

End of life for her is approaching fast – and our options are to sell her as sausages, or find a butcher/abattoir to buy her off us.

If there are enough expressions of interest, and please do share this with your friends as I shall not be putting this on FaceBook, we will put a new product on the website, and ask people to pay.  Once this has happened, it is a sad “goodbye” to our sow.

We are doing all we can not to send her through the livestock auction for her last trailer ride – as many of you know we really do try to do the best we can for all our animals during life and at the end of their lives.

There are a lot of sausages expected, so please respond.  Any queries to Pat please by email or telephone on 0745 0358812.

Obviously our very special offer of 10 frozen beef burgers for £5.00 can be combined with the sausage special offer if you have room in the freezer!, or indeed any other beef that we sell. Thank you again for supporting Park Hill Farm, a family run, grassland farm, in Hales, Market Drayton.

Happy Shopping!
Best wishes Pat and John