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Camping Information – Post No 17


CONTACT Tel 0745 0358 812  – PAT PIMLOTT

Dear Camper

We are so happy that you are thinking of coming to us.



Book before hand or up to 8pm on the same day, and see if we have room for you.

A little bit about your stay here

  • It’s a grass 60 pitch site, with plenty of space,
  • A fresh water tap is supplied,
  • Somewhere to pour your grey water away,
  • Elsan point with hose pipe,
  • A flushable toilet and
  • Recycling and rubbish bins. 
  • Portaloos are also hired in, being cleaned and emptied each week.

We keep the grass mowed for you, to make your visit more enjoyable, and it’s a lovely quiet site, next door to a special site of special interest (SSSI) woodland.

If your fire pit is off the ground, you are welcome to have one, but please park the other side of the camp site from the wood.  We can’t risk a spark setting off this ancient woodland with rare dormice in it, rare plants and rare butterflies.

We will be on site to welcome you, and can open the shop on most days and evenings  – days – mornings between 0800 and 0830, again in the evening after 6.30pm or if we know a preferred time, we will do our best to open then.  We can sell:-

  • Burgers
  • Frozen Sausages
  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Semi Skimmed Milk
  • Bread
  • Cereals

We can take credit card in the shop, providing the internet signal is good enough!  We may not be on site for some of the time.

We can:

  • Provide a barbecue for you if you wish
  • Charge mobile phones/battery packs for you in the house,
  • and put your icepacks into the freezer overnight, if this helps, but we won’t be able to hand them back to you outside the shop hours as we may go off site ourselves.

We can’t:

  • Have any vehicle over 6m long, and no caravans
  • Loud music because of our neighbours after 11 pm
  • We may struggle with a Saturday check in but we can discuss this depending upon your date

The pigs are close by, and please note they have a LIVE electric fence inside the outer fencing.  This is marked up, but please be careful.  Pig bites can be fatal, so do not put your hands through the wire.          The pigs are fed by my husband only, but you are welcome to watch them as much as you like.

The horses are close by.  All horses bite, so be wary, and we would advise you to keep away from them if possible.  They are not pets.           Please don’t feed the horses human food.  Some ponies, on Facebook, have died from having human food, or by choking, so please don’t feed them, they are much loved by us.

Our prices

  • Don’t include clearing up excessive amounts of rubbish left behind, so we will be charging a £200 deposit to cover any untidy campers.  Fully refundable if you are clean and tidy!!


  • Get some well earned rest!  Enjoy some peace and quiet.
  • There are walks in the wood, just photograph your turns, so that you can get back, or see if you can get the What 3 Words App to work on your phone.  My phone says the farm house is  “” but I haven’t tried to navigate with this!
  • Listen to the bird song – it’s beautiful and you may even be able to identify the birds.
  • Walk through the woods to Loggerheads –  The Loggerheads Pub is there.  It’s a straight walk through, but take your photos.  The pub does lunches, and has outside seating.  The Co-Op has a shop and there is Mandalay  a Chinese Takeaway (which does chips) but only takes cash.  Mandalay – Loggerheads Takeaway is on Facebook and their telephone number is 01630 673 123.  The Lodge India Restaurant at Loggerheads does dine in, takeaway and delivery – see or call 01630 673609.
  • Enjoy the pigs – we may  have a litter of baby piglets born, if so they are tiny and very cute. 
  • Take a walk down our lovely drive and turn left at the bottom.  Follow the road into the woodland and turn left at the roadside.  You will come into Loggerheads.  A great walk, and perhaps a pub lunch at the end.

There are plenty of places to visit locally if you wish to drive

  • Market Drayton is the closest town for Morrisons and the public swimming baths.
  • Chester is about 1 hour away.
  • Shrewsbury is about 30 mins away with its beautiful grass and river area called The Quarry.
  • Trentham Gardens has a great shopping experience and cafe, as has
  • Bridgemere Garden centre, both less than 20 mins away. 
  • Hodnet Hall gardens and the Dorothy Clive Gardens are particularly beautiful.
  • For children try the Trentham Gardens Monkey Forest! 
  • National Trust properties include
    • Shugborough and
    • Attingham Park which are both less than one hour away,

We look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes Pat and John Pimlott