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Newsletter No 19

It’s our second newsletter of the year, and we wish everyone a great Easter because we are galloping along towards Easter next week! We want to also say a big “hello” to all our new followers, and there are many. Thank you.


Like our last newsletter, its wet and muddy, and we are calving the cows. We have also hedge planted by the new pull ins on the drive for our campers, and are still in negotiations about the water treatment system (ie septic tank!!).

The pigs don’t want to be left out either, and our first two litters are already here, and sold! However it is the cows that get the picture this month!! This calf being one day old and is in great shape to continue to grow and thrive here.


Although returned to a horse paddock in October, it will be brought back into a good field for campers, and in particular for campers wanting to hire A WHOLE FIELD just to themselves, for their friends, family and special occasions. Several weekends have already been booked for families wishing to get together, and this is encouraging as its only our 2nd full year of being open.

We will be getting the field ready soon, and sowing the wild flowers again after harrowing the field to make it flatter.

More information is on our Blog No 17 and our camping page.

The next big projects are:–

NEW water treatment system, in preparation for showers (hopefully) next year

and NEW cabinets to house electric plugs so you can charge your devices, safely, in a locked cabinet.

Enquiries are to in the first instance, and dates are only saved once a deposit is received!


Our APRIL beef has “gone to market”, and the website shop has been updated. Some popular cuts are selling out, so put in your order please. A minimum order of £60 gets you free delivery within a 30 mile radius. Following this, the next deliveries will be in JUNE. Pork is not on the website, but if you wish to order, please let us know by email to


We welcomed our first school children this week, who were very lucky to have a lovely day here in sunshine. The piglets were the favourite AGAIN. Our EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES are free with 25 FREE of charge visits here for children under 16 or adults/children’s groups who have special needs. We look forward to hearing from schools how we can bring their “curriculum to life” with pond dipping, habitat trails, animal tours all geared to your class! Teachers are able to book a “block of lessons”if they wish – in the past this has been used by SEND teachers.

Best wishes for the coming month from John and Pat

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Newsletter No 14


A very warm welcome to all our followers and to our new followers. It’s getting to that time of year when people order extra beef and pork from us, so start having those conversations about “who is cooking” on the big day!


It’s that time, when cows need to be checked and fed special minerals if they are calving before Christmas.  John has a calendar of expected dates, so some of those extra jobs need to be done.  Hedge cutting, clearing the drive, making new doors, and patching the roof have all been done, but more jobs are still waiting to be started. 

On the accreditation side, we successfully had our Red Tractor Audit, and passed, with the proviso that we needed to replace 3 panes of cracked glass. We also had a clear bTB test, which I am so thankful for.  Nothing hurts more than seeing the girls going off because they have become innocent victims of this disease. Lastly, we also had a clear set of blood tests on the cows, so they are not harbouring any viruses or diseases that could be detected.


It’s hard to believe, but our catering and selling of fresh meat at shows in 2022 is almost over. This means it’s Christmas light switch ons, private party catering, and generally winding down as we reach the end of the year. Sounds idyllic, but in reality we will still be very busy with customers, and the farm of course.


Yes, it’s hard to believe, but we are offering free school visits, starting in May 2023. Natural England allow us 25 free visits per year, so please get in touch to see if we can help your school next year. Pond dipping is almost always the favourite activity, followed by stroking the pigs and cats.


We have updated the website SO YOU SHOULD be able to order through it! A few gremlins crept in when we changed our website designer, so apologies to those who experienced difficulties. 

All the quarter pigs sold, but if it’s pork you need, you should contact us asap by email at  We only have so many pigs/beef animals available before late November. Late November will almost certainly be our last abattoir date as the butcher has his own meat to get ready for the 23rd   December.

We go to Stone Farmers Market on the 5th November, so if possible we would like to receive orders by the 25th October so our butcher can cut the joints for you. Gammons take 3 weeks to cure, so please let us know asap about your gammon orders.


IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE CUT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR on our website, you are very welcome to email, or telephone/text John on 07966 460312 We will get it sorted for you!

 3 Pigs to Devon


Above are the special piglets that were 3 of the 4 pigs we took to Devon to start a breeding herd.  Their new owners are international chefs who have bought a small holding, and wanted rare breed pigs. 

They already have rare breed cattle on site, and John and I managed to get a night away on their farm, a paddle in the sea, and enjoy a lovely meal outside, overlooking the beach.  We were so lucky the weather held for us.  We think it is our first meal in a restaurant by the seaside since we got married.


As usual, our free-of-charge home deliveries will take place after the farmers markets in November, (possibly on the 6th) and orders can be collected from the farm after the 7th, or from the Stone Farmers Market on the 5th Nov.

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Newsletter No13


A very warm welcome to all our followers and to our new followers. Its a brand new month and we are working hard on the farm, and at events as well.


We have also had some lovely little piglets recently. 15 Were born, 2 didn’t make the night, and one has sadly passed away, so Dandy has excelled herself. We have never had such a big litter before.

We also welcomed Ellie as a residential work experience student. She lives in France, but is English. We had a great week with Ellie, who is hoping to become a vet, studying in the UK. Sadly for us, the new Visa arrangements do not allow students to come here from the EU (except English Passport holders) unless they earn at least £26,000 pa. We had a nice reply from our MP about this, and we don’t see this changing in the future.


I have updated the website with some special offers. see – We prefer orders through the website and if it’s over £50 we deliver for free. This month we will be delivering those orders on the 3rd April all being well.

From the END of April, we will be delivering 1/4 pigs, which are on the website. We can substitute the belly meat for sausages if you prefer. It’s a good deal, and we won’t be doing it for very long.

If you wish to set up a standing order for meat, then please get in touch, and we will put it to one side before we go to Stone Farmers Market on the 2nd April. If possible we would like to receive orders by the 28th March, so our butcher can cut the joints for you.

IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE CUT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, you are very welcome to email, or telephone/text John on 07966 460312. We will get it sorted for you!


Above is Ellie with one of the piglets born just before she arrived. All have found homes this time, and we are looking forward to more farrowings this year.


We will be needing extra staff this year, as so many events clash. If you know a young person or someone looking for occasional work, who is hard working, polite, and wanting an occasional job on a Saturday/Sunday, then please get in touch by email. The work is mainly over the summer holidays, and sporadic, but transport and uniform are provided.

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