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Newsletter No13


A very warm welcome to all our followers and to our new followers. Its a brand new month and we are working hard on the farm, and at events as well.


We have also had some lovely little piglets recently. 15 Were born, 2 didn’t make the night, and one has sadly passed away, so Dandy has excelled herself. We have never had such a big litter before.

We also welcomed Ellie as a residential work experience student. She lives in France, but is English. We had a great week with Ellie, who is hoping to become a vet, studying in the UK. Sadly for us, the new Visa arrangements do not allow students to come here from the EU (except English Passport holders) unless they earn at least £26,000 pa. We had a nice reply from our MP about this, and we don’t see this changing in the future.


I have updated the website with some special offers. see – We prefer orders through the website and if it’s over £50 we deliver for free. This month we will be delivering those orders on the 3rd April all being well.

From the END of April, we will be delivering 1/4 pigs, which are on the website. We can substitute the belly meat for sausages if you prefer. It’s a good deal, and we won’t be doing it for very long.

If you wish to set up a standing order for meat, then please get in touch, and we will put it to one side before we go to Stone Farmers Market on the 2nd April. If possible we would like to receive orders by the 28th March, so our butcher can cut the joints for you.

IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE CUT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, you are very welcome to email, or telephone/text John on 07966 460312. We will get it sorted for you!


Above is Ellie with one of the piglets born just before she arrived. All have found homes this time, and we are looking forward to more farrowings this year.


We will be needing extra staff this year, as so many events clash. If you know a young person or someone looking for occasional work, who is hard working, polite, and wanting an occasional job on a Saturday/Sunday, then please get in touch by email. The work is mainly over the summer holidays, and sporadic, but transport and uniform are provided.

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Newsletter No 6


Welcome to all the friends of Park Hill Farm. We are getting so excited because our Prime Minister has given the road map out of Covid 19. This brings hope for the spring and summer months of getting back to a “new” normal. So let’s have a look at what’s been going on on the farm, and catch up with where we are with the beef and pork we sell.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported our call to action over sausages! As a thank you, all orders were delivered free of charge. So many of you are going to be able to have great barbecues this summer.

WWW.PARKHILLFARM.CO.UK has been updated. So many products had been sold out, and special offers came and went. It was a pleasure to get items back into stock to order, and to put up some new offers. It seems, for too long, that pork has been dominating the shopping carts, so this month it’s a return to beef and more beef.

We have decided to keep the shop shut, and continue with the free home deliveries after Covid. The website is working well, and so many customers seem to welcome a home delivery once a month. The shop can be opened, but only by appointment now, but as my dad would have said – “don’t turn away customers” – so you are always welcome to ring us and call if you prefer (Pat on 0745 0358 812). The shop will become a “collection” point rather than a browsing experience.


Packs of 10 Gluten Free Beef Burgers are £6.00, which is 50% off the rrp. Beef brisket is now £9.00/kg, stewing steak is up to £2.25/kg cheaper than Tesco’s Finest, and braising steak is up to 77p/kg cheaper than Tesco. Plenty of curry/casserole bargains this month especially as they all have free delivery if you order a minimum of £50.00. Special offer prices are to website users only.


We have been holding up this newsletter until we had confirmation about the Farmers Market – it’s a NO GO for March but a possibility for April 2021. Disappointing, as many markets have been resumed.


Our long awaited farrowing – produced only 4 surviving piglets. Just look at those 3 beautiful boys. There is also one cute little gilt. She will pall on with the next litter who came 2 weeks later. So if you know anyone who wants some piglets for rearing on a smallholding etc, please let them know about these beauties born on the 5th February 2021.

“Kenzie” the Dogs Trust rescue (some 10 years ago) has given thousands of children a day to remember when they visit us with their schools, has sadly died. A tumour was found the day we had him put to sleep after an anxious 24 hours. So sad, but lots of happy memories of a very much adored and loved friend.


We are working towards deliveries after the 6th March. If orders can be with us before the 27th Feb. we would be grateful. Any special orders need to be with us a.s.a.p. There is a small amount of unsold pork as well, but thank you everyone who has ordered early, so we can get those chops cut! I think John may have put the beef ribs into rib eye steaks, but do ask if they are your favourite.

Thank you again, and do pass on our newsletter to your interested friends.