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Newsletter No13


A very warm welcome to all our followers and to our new followers. Its a brand new month and we are working hard on the farm, and at events as well.


We have also had some lovely little piglets recently. 15 Were born, 2 didn’t make the night, and one has sadly passed away, so Dandy has excelled herself. We have never had such a big litter before.

We also welcomed Ellie as a residential work experience student. She lives in France, but is English. We had a great week with Ellie, who is hoping to become a vet, studying in the UK. Sadly for us, the new Visa arrangements do not allow students to come here from the EU (except English Passport holders) unless they earn at least £26,000 pa. We had a nice reply from our MP about this, and we don’t see this changing in the future.


I have updated the website with some special offers. see – We prefer orders through the website and if it’s over £50 we deliver for free. This month we will be delivering those orders on the 3rd April all being well.

From the END of April, we will be delivering 1/4 pigs, which are on the website. We can substitute the belly meat for sausages if you prefer. It’s a good deal, and we won’t be doing it for very long.

If you wish to set up a standing order for meat, then please get in touch, and we will put it to one side before we go to Stone Farmers Market on the 2nd April. If possible we would like to receive orders by the 28th March, so our butcher can cut the joints for you.

IF YOU CAN’T SEE THE CUT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, you are very welcome to email, or telephone/text John on 07966 460312. We will get it sorted for you!


Above is Ellie with one of the piglets born just before she arrived. All have found homes this time, and we are looking forward to more farrowings this year.


We will be needing extra staff this year, as so many events clash. If you know a young person or someone looking for occasional work, who is hard working, polite, and wanting an occasional job on a Saturday/Sunday, then please get in touch by email. The work is mainly over the summer holidays, and sporadic, but transport and uniform are provided.

Unsubscribe – if you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, please send me an email with Unsubscribe in the subject box.

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Newsletter No 11


We hope you will enjoy a little bit of farm news, this month. This month it’s all about working towards the Stone Food and Drink Festival dates, which coincide with the Saturday of the Stone Farmers market, and dare I say it – order dates for Christmas!


Summer saw the back to basics camp site being prepared and opened, with the farm yard and fields receiving hundreds of hours of prepping to make them all look perfect.

The landscape is beautiful, the bird song from the adjacent woodland is lovely, and our campers, mainly, enjoyed peace and quiet. Our first campers also enjoyed the cows in the same field – they were so inquisitive they jumped the fence into the campers. The cows were moved well away for the rest of the summer!

Next year we will focus on “sole use” – so that larger families can book the site out just for themselves, or friends can meet up in the Midlands. Families/groups will be able to book in advance. Other dates will be kept for traditional campers – so don’t worry you can still enjoy the farm!

Party catering and events were also getting back to normal, which meant that John was busy with his fresh meat and barbecue. It was so lovely to get out to see our customers again, in a safe environment surrounded by great food straight from Park Hill Farm. If you have a wedding or party that needs caterers, why not call us!


This month, check out the New Summer Family Box, brimming with burgers and top sides at a discounted price! Soon we will be into those winter cuts, so make the last of the summer specials!

If you can ORDER BY Wednesday 22nd September, we will do our best to get your meat to you, at home, on MONDAY 4th OCTOBER which is day after the Stone Food Festival closes. This is our next free of charge delivery date. Ordering after this date, may mean we can’t supply the exact cut you require. Please note that the last ordering date for fresh meat for Christmas is the 22nd November. After that date the meat will already be cut up.

Many of you already know, that we work towards Stone Farmers Market in December as our last beef animal of the year, and after that date sell out of the freezer.


This is the time of year when the calves get weaned from the cows. This means the cows get some well earned peace and quiet before they start to calve again in December.

We have just had another litter of 6 cross bred piglets, from one of the rescue sows. 3 Little black piglets, 2 black and white and one orange with black spots. They are adorable, and the last piglets for this year. We have sold several piglets this year, with the last 7 all going to Becky and Joe. They are going to have a blessed and pampered life in an overgrown walled garden – piggy heaven rooting and turning over the ground.


The website takes orders, and keeps you up to date with our stocks. Some cuts are always under pressure, but it is always worth contacting us if the item is sold out, just in case we have one left!


For our customers we offer a freezer service for our meat to be held here until Christmas. For orders over £50, John usually does a round dropping off meat on the 22nd and 23rd December, allowing time to defrost in your home! For smaller orders, the farm will be open for pre-arranged collections.

If you no longer with to receive our newsletter, please let us know and we will take you off our distribution list.

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Dear Friends of Park Hill Farm

We are looking for expressions of interest in buying 8kg of sausages, packed in 2kg trays at £5.00 per kg.  This is approximately 190 sausages, at 22 p each.   They will be fresh so you can re-pack them into smaller amounts if you prefer.   If you live within 30 miles, we will group deliveries together to do free delivery on one day in February.  This is a “bulk” offer only.

I can hear you all wondering why?  Long story short, is that one of our sows, has been gracefully munching away for nearly a year now, and has produced no piglets. We changed the boar, but still no piglets.

End of life for her is approaching fast – and our options are to sell her as sausages, or find a butcher/abattoir to buy her off us.

If there are enough expressions of interest, and please do share this with your friends as I shall not be putting this on FaceBook, we will put a new product on the website, and ask people to pay.  Once this has happened, it is a sad “goodbye” to our sow.

We are doing all we can not to send her through the livestock auction for her last trailer ride – as many of you know we really do try to do the best we can for all our animals during life and at the end of their lives.

There are a lot of sausages expected, so please respond.  Any queries to Pat please by email or telephone on 0745 0358812.

Obviously our very special offer of 10 frozen beef burgers for £5.00 can be combined with the sausage special offer if you have room in the freezer!, or indeed any other beef that we sell. Thank you again for supporting Park Hill Farm, a family run, grassland farm, in Hales, Market Drayton.

Happy Shopping!
Best wishes Pat and John