Family Shopper 10kg meatbox

Family Shopper 10kg meatbox


Love beef? If you do, then you’ll love this family box that’ll help you feed the family with great tasting meat for quick weekday meals or a lovely roast dinner for the weekend. You could even invite some friends around. The top side joints will feed approx 12-16 people. You should get a huge lasagne from the mince or you could make a lovely slow cooked stew to feed 8-12 people from the stewing steak. Whatever you choose to do with the meat in this box you can be sure to have some of the best tasting beef around!

In your box
  • 4kg top side joints (feeds 12 - 16)
  • 2kg mince (feeds 8 - 12)
  • 2kg braising steak (feeds 8 - 10)
  • 2kg stewing steak (feeds 8 - 12)
  •   All beef is grass-fed
  •   Home grown & completely traceable
  •   FREE delivery within 30 miles of the farm
  •   Cuts may vary in weight slightly but total box weight will be as stated

Topside Joint × 4

Expertly cut from the tender hind quarter of our home reared, grass fed beef to deliver big flavours whilst being beautifully tender. All our meat is hand-cut meaning we leave just enough fat on to ensure you get the best flavour and texture. This should be enough to feed 4.

Mince × 2

Essential on the weekly meat shop list, our mince is hand minced from fast and slow cook cuts of beef, its lean and full of flavour for the perfect Bolognese, hearty meat balls, mouth watering hamburgers – the list is endless.

Braising steak × 2

These steaks are all hand cut by our expert butchers and are full of flavour. They're great braised whole or added to stews.
Why not try making a delicious casserole with fresh carrots, onions and some red wine - always a winner!

Stewing Steak × 2

This diced, slow cook beef is full of flavour. It's great in stews, curries and casserole and it’s super easy to cook whilst delivering a fabulous meaty flavour to all those dishes and more. Why not try making a super tasty beef and ale pie? It's a classic!