Quick and Sumptuous 10kg meatbox

Quick and Sumptuous 10kg meatbox


Love steak? Then you will love this meatbox… some of our best steaks, just for you, or you could share them, if you’re feeling generous! You’ll get 2 fillet steaks, 6 rump and 8 sirloin so you could even make a night of it and invite some friends round for some amazing tasting steak straight from our farm to you.

How to cook it!

Cook it just how you like it and add your favourite sauce for a special meal or just because!  Or why not cook simply in a pan, and then cut into thin strips to share?  Everyone can have a slice.  You’ll also be able to make a chilli for up to 16 people with the mince or a lovely slow cooked shin for a family gathering for 8-12 people. Enjoy!

In your box
  • 500g fillet steak (two steaks)
  • 1.5kg rump steak (6 steaks)
  • 2kg sirloin steak (8 steaks)
  • 4kg mince (approx 16 chilli portions)
  • 2kg shin beef (8 - 12 portions)
  •   All beef is grass-fed
  •   Home grown & completely traceable
  •   FREE delivery within 30 miles of the farm
  •   Cuts may vary in weight slightly but total box weight will be as stated

Shin beef × 2

This is perfect for slow cooking to bring a really tasty, flavoursome meaty taste. Great for casseroles or tagines.

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