Quick and Sumptuous 5kg meatbox

Quick and Sumptuous 5kg meatbox


This selection of delicious beef is ideal if you’re having friends round. It should create between 20-24 meals in total which is great value. Sirloin steak is one of John’s favourites, especially when done simply in a pan and then cut into thin strips. Everyone can have a slice! Mince is perfect for lasagne or chilli, while the shin beef can be made into a melt-in-your mouth stew.

In your box
  • 1kg rump steak
  • 1kg sirloin steak
  • 2kg mince
  • 1kg shin beef
  •   All beef is grass-fed
  •   Home grown & completely traceable
  •   FREE delivery within 30 miles of the farm
  •   Cuts may vary in weight slightly but total box weight will be as stated

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